Ancestral Memories / Memories Ancestrales

Interdisciplinary Cuban born artist Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet exhibits works from 2009 to 2016 at Jamenson Gallery, Duke University from February 29 to March 11. The exhibition includes digital installation, graphic illustrations, poems, conceptual mixed media, single channel projection, color photographs, mixed media and ink drawings, a hand made book and found objects.

The curated exhibition Ancestral Memories / Memorias Ancestrales (2009-2015) includes eleven individual series and artworks connected at many tangible and intangible ways through medias, themes, techniques and conceptual approaches. There are four intermedia installations: Mariposa Ancestral Memory (2013-2015), Nomad Dreams / Sueños Nómadas (2010-2012), Merida T’Ho_MX (2009), and Memory Soldiers / Soldados de la Memoria (2010-2014); two series of mixed media drawings titled Cimarronaje (2013- 201) and Writing Otherwise (2012-2015); six color photographs from the series Ancestral Shadows (2016); a single channel video projection titled Trinidad (2010-2015); a hand printed poem titled The chanted Memory of the Ancestors (2013-2015); Wiwa/Turi Kairibe Constellations (2014-2015), a series of ink drawings; Noj Kairibe (2015) a graphic digital illustration.

Ancestral Memories is curated by Kency Cornejo and Miguel Rojas-Sotelo.

Sponsor by

Center for Global Studies and the Humanities, Duke University
The Duke University Graduate School
Hurston James Society, Duke University
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Duke University
Laboratorio Cartodigital, Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico